1. Copic Various Ink and some decoration stuff for trading cards
2. ♥ ♥ ♥ Copic Markers (Sketch & Ciao) - must I say more?
3. My ♥ watercolors: Leningrad Watercolors - cheap and really good
4. Watercolor pencils by Faber Castell (really old O.o I should use them again… they are great!)
5. Pastel fixative and watercolor effectspray
6. Stickers and glittery stuff for trading cards
7. Colored pencils by Faber Castell (Polychromos) - my favorite brand
8. Pigmented drawing in by Rohrer & Klingner - beautiful colors
9. Dry Gouache in silver and gold
10. Zest it (Blending media for color pencils) - great for realistic effects
11. Old watercolors in pans (opaque)
12. Watercolors by Schminke Akademie - travel size
13. Watercolors by Winsor & Newton (Cotman) - travel size
14. Cheap color pencils from a German discounter
15. Hologram glitter and rhinestones (swarovski)
16. Colored pencils by Prismacolor (premier) - I just have light colors of them because I use them just for blending, they are really soft. I love them!
17. Various fineliners (Neopiko by Delter, edding 1800, Copic multiliners & Sakura micron)
18. Acrylics
19. Expensive watercolors by Schmincke Horadam (I don’t have the heart to use them T^T)
20. Gouache by Schmincke
21. Soft pastel chalk by Jaxell and Rembrandt
22. Effect media for watercolors like granulation medium, iridecent medium, aqua fix, masking fluid
23. Dr. Ph. Martin Black Star HICARB India Ink (LOVE!) and Daler & Rowney Acrylic Artists Ink (skin color and white)
24. White and black inks by Delter, Copic Opaque White (highly recommend)
25. Media for leaf metal
26. Colored fineliners by Stabilo for some detail works (like patterns on clothes)
27. charcoal and chalk
28. Pencils (but I mostly use a B 0,3 mechanical pencil)
29. Really cool and ultrafine fineliners by Pilot in Cutie Color (Hi-Tec-C) and various gel pens by Sakura (Tiara, Aqualip and Soufflé)
30. Pilot Color ENO - colored pencil which can erased
31. G-Pen, Maru-Pen
32. Blender for colored pencils
33. Various brushes and a set with really thin brushes *love

I want these all.

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